Bicycle Network

A team of researchers completed research work on a bicycle network design tool to model regional bicycle networks. The Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) at San Jose State University (SJSU) funded this research where three researchers, Dr. Peter Furth (Northeastern University), Dr. Hilary Nixon (SJSU), Jeff Peters and Stephanie Chow (student interns SJSU) and Dr. Maaza Mekuria (ADEC) participated in the research. Maaza was the principal investigator in the research effort. The completed model was based on a new bicycle traffic stress network classification scheme and analyzed some effective bicycle network improvements showing how to examine and improve network level connectivity of a regional bicycle level of service. Metro-San Jose was used as a case study to demonstrate the viabilty of the methodology. The research tools developed provide network level metrics that help the analyst improve general and trip based connectivity. A bicycle network classification scheme has been developed with particular focus from the bike user's perspective by incorporating this new classification system based bicycle traffic stress. The model may also be used to rank different regional networks or improvement schemes on the same network. The model uses data that is readily available making it simpler to apply to different regions. To learn more about the completed research follow the links below.

Bike Network Documents: