History of the Axum Name The name Axum comes from the city Axum in Tigrai Province of Ethiopia. Axum is considered the holy city of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It was in Axum that the Queen of Sheba reigned in the time of King Solomon. As legend has it Queen of Sheba had a child by King Solomon after her visit in Jerusalem. The ark of the covenant from the Temple of Solomon was later brought on by this child (King Menelik) on his return from visiting with his father.The Church of Tsion Mariam (Mary of Zion) is believed to have preserved the Ark up to the present day. Axum is the site of many monolithic stone oblisks, one of the engineering wonders of the ancient world. ADEC is pleased to announce that the latest news from Axum is that one of the largest oblisk that the Fascists from Italy took during the 5 year occupation of Ethiopia at the time of the second world war was safely returned to its rightful place by the Italian people. News Link