ADEC is an Engineering services Company located in Boston, MA. ADEC was founded in 1998 and was incorporated in January 1999. A Boston, MA-based Engineering and Technology services company, ADEC offers an array of engineering services and applications that customized software solutions for clients.

At Axum Design & Engineering Corporation (ADEC) is a firm which provides expert Engineering and Technology services. Our professional staff provides experience that encompasses a range of projects including geometric roadway design to e-business technology solutions for corporate and government clients.

We have made a strong commitment to utilizing the most advanced computer technology to assist in the design and production process. Our design and engineering staff utilizes state-of-the-art tools to create custom solutions.

ADEC is a Quality-driven company focused on the long-term growth and development needed to deliver customer success year after year. We measure our success primarily in terms of the business value delivered to our clients, and we are committed to 100-percent customer success and satisfaction. In addition, we are renowned for our innovation and quality in recruiting, hiring, and training outstanding technical teams.